Attraction Marketing – What’s the Attraction?

One of the staples of marketing is the sales pitch. This is where you have a chance to really sell your product to the masses. However, the sales pitch is as hated as it is well-known. People are tired of the seeming dishonesty that comes with sales pitches. These marketing tools are seen as cold and outdated. Because of this, more and more online entrepreneurs are looking for alternative methods of advertising, and attraction marketing seems to be the way to go. However, many people still do not know what attraction marketing is or how to make use of it and are being left behind in the online marketplace.

Attraction marketing, at its core, means selling your personality in order to gain a regular client base for your product. It places more emphasis on who you are and the experience you bring to your industry than on what your product can do. With attraction marketing, you have the freedom to tell your story in your own words and the wonderful part is people actually want to hear it. They want to know you are connecting with them on a personal level.

Part of the appeal of attraction marketing is there really isn’t one “right” way to use this marketing style. If sending follow-up emails feels right, then that is what you should do. If you’ve always wanted to start your own blog or post information to social networking sites, you have that freedom as well. A good place to start is to post free tips and tricks for others to follow to reach their goals. This is probably the most common way to foster trust with online entrepreneurs. Offering something valuable for free makes it seem as though you are more concerned with people than making money, and customers are drawn to that.

People are tired of phony, cookie cutter advertisements. More than that, people are distrustful of them. Attraction marketing converts you from a cold and unfeeling business entity to an actual person, with hopes, dreams and ambitions. The average online shopper is more likely to remember your name if they associate it with a person as opposed to a nameless item. Even if they don’t purchase anything from you, you have made a valuable friend and business contact for the future. Admittedly, this marketing style can be rather slow, since it isn’t as aggressive as traditional methods. However, the payoffs are worth the delay.

Over 95% of all network marketers don’t have a clue on how to grow their business. But don’t worry, it’s not their fault. They just haven’t been properly train to succeed in network marketing. It all begins with attraction marketing. It really ticks me off to see honest people join network marketing opportunities, but don’t have any idea how to grow there business. If your like most, what you need is some-one to show you the exact steps of how to attract people for your business. Cut the crap & receive free training by Clicking Here []. Learn what only 5% of all network marketers know, but don’t want you to know. Enjoy & I’ll see you at the top.

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