Questions About Network Marketing

Lizzie asks…

Why do people around hated Network Marketing?

People around is very negative view on network marketing as usual feedback from people around me is network marketing is useless, waste time/money and you won’t success.


Because most of what they say is true.

Network Marketing depends on the entry of new salespeople to keep the structure growing and profitable for those at the top. The recent entrants pay for the income and profits of the senior members.

It exploits common weaknesses of human nature – getting money for doing little, and the lure of “unlimited” money. Laziness and Greed.

Maria asks…

Is there anyone that would like to join my Network Marketing team ?

Network Marketing is a 100 billion dollar industry. Unfortunately there are scams out there that make it hard for the genuine ones.
I love it my goal is to be fully retired by 55. Year and a half to go. Have been a business owner previous working 7 days a week. Unfortunately I had to sell after 2 years. Lost money on it. Another lesson in life. Have been involved in network marketing before but was not the right one. Now I have found one that gives good returns and there is no inventory, no Big outlay, no deliveries, and really no selling. Word of mouth and the company rewards you for sharing it with everyone. I now consider myself a business builder and would love to share this amazing opportunity with the right person. The only qualification you must have is a desire to want something. This can be change of lifestyle, car, meeting people, extra income etc. There is no limit. I would personally train the right person. I can work my business world wide. Think about it.


…eer..nope..but good luck!

George asks…

Where can I find network marketing oppurtunities?

I am interested in network (multilevel) marketing opportunities, and want to find out what is available. Is there an industry association that covers this area? I am hoping cast as wide a net as possible and be able to compare different opportunities side-by-side. Basically, I’m looking for something more efficient than a Google search.


There are various ways to find the answer to this question. One of the best sites I know of is there they have the companies listed by alphabetical order. There are so many it can be a bit overwhelming. You might want to also do some due dilegence on the companies by checking out Feel free to email me if you have any other questions concerning these sites. Good Luck with your search.

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Questions About Network Marketing Quotes

George asks…

Will advertisers pull their spots from Limbaugh show?

Is there a campaign to boycott companies that advertise on his show? If enough people complain and stop buying their products Limpballs will watch what he says next time. Why isn’t he suspended yet?


Boycott Rush Limbaugh’s Sponsors to SHUT HIM DOWN

Source: Boycott Rush Limbaugh’s Sponsors to SHUT HIM DOWN

Here is the List of current Rush Limbaugh Sponsors as of .I have tried to keep our list updated as sponsors come and go.


Pro Flowers, Bill Straus, CEO(858) 638-4900

Sleep Train

Domino’s Pizza, Dominos J. Patrick Doyle, CEO 734-930-3030, Dominos Lynn Liddle, Investor Rel. (734) 930-3008

Lending Tree: 704-541-5351 Web Form Email:

Life Quotes: 800-670-5433

e-Harmony: 626-795-4814; Fax: 626-585-4040

OnStar: 800-947-AUTO (GEICO)

Hotwire Corporate Headquarters: 877-468-9473 333 Market Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94105

CARBONITE, Inc.: 617-587-1100 177 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 Direct Dial Office: 617-587-1100 EXT:1115

Select Comfort: 763-551-7460 d/b/a
Sleep Number Bed: 800-438-2233

The Neptune Society of Northern California Stewart Enterprises 12070 Telegraph Road, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Oreck Corporation: 800-289-5888 100 Plantation Road, New Orleans, Louisiana 70123

Mid-West Life Insurance Co. Tennessee: 800-733-1110 9151 Grapevine Hwy, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 (Web banner ads on

AutoZone Inc.: 901-495-7185; Fax: 901-495-8374 P.O. Box 2198, Memphis, TN 38101

Mission Pharmacal (Citrical): 800-531-3333 P.O. Box 786099, San Antonio, TX 78278-6099

LegalZoom 800-773-0888; Fax: 323-962-8300 Site has a Web Form Blue-Emu: 800-432-9334

Citrix Online (GoToMyPC) 6500 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117 Phone: 805-690-6400; Fax: 805-690-6471

American Forces Network Contact Us:

ADDITIONAL: Miss America Pageant: Scheduled for January 30, 2010. He is to be one of the judges. Contact person is Sharon Pearce:

List of Radio Staions that Air Him

FCC Consumer Complaint:… Includes “Obscene or indecent programs” and “unfair/biased” broadcasts.

Syndicated By:

Premier Radio Networks: 818-377-5300 Corporate office: 15260 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Clear Channel: 210-822-2828 Corporate Office: 200 East Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

Donald asks…

If a quote from insurance came in at 67% of the total value will they fix our car?

08sport ford ranger, approximate value 14-16k, damages are 10k. Will they fix it or scrap it?


From an article:

According to the Insurance Consumer Advocacy Network (I-CAN), a self-help Web site for consumers run by a former insurance adjustor, insurance companies define a “total loss” as:

“The cost of repair plus projected supplements plus projected diminished resale value plus rental reimbursement expense exceeds the cost of buying the damaged vehicle at its preaccident value, minus the proceeds of selling the damaged vehicle for salvage.”

Huh? Simply stated, if compensating you for repairing the car, renting something in the meantime and paying you what your car has lost in value costs more than what they’d shell out to just buy you a replacement and then sell your wreck to a salvage yard, you’re not going to get your car back, but a check instead.

… Given the sizable expense of fixing a damaged car, compensating you for lost resale value, rental car costs and so on, it’s easy to understand why insurance companies often throw up their hands long before the repair bill exceeds the car’s ACV. For example, some companies consider a wrecked vehicle a total loss when the total cost to repair it exceeds just 51 percent of the vehicle’s ACV. Others don’t give up until the repair bill hits the 80-percent mark.

… Don’t just take their word for your car’s ACV. Involve yourself in the evaluation process. Do some research on your own, because the higher your car’s ACV, the bigger your check is going to be if they determine it’s been totaled. A valuable tool for establishing the worth of your car is Edmunds’ True Market Value Appraiser. The appraiser will adjust to price based on condition level, region, mileage and options. In some instances, such as if you have a particularly rare trim level, color combination or special edition of a vehicle, you may know without a doubt that your car is worth more than what the insurance company tells you.

David asks…

Is the Asus Transformer Prime good for college students?

I have a laptop, but it’s not good for carrying around. I am looking into getting a tablet for school, but it seems the ipad wouldn’t be compatible with my pc. I really like the Asus Prime but what I need to know is if I could link the Prime up to my pc to transfer notes, papers, etc. I’m not very tech-savvy so I would love any advice on this. Also, could I link the Prime up to a printer?


I have the original Asus Eee Pad Transformer (the slower version of the tablet you are asking about). It’s a lovely device, and the keyboard dock makes using the tablet much easier than trying to type using an on-screen keyboard.

For transferring files between the Asus and my PC, there are a couple of options. First of all, my Transformer has two USB ports that work well with USB pen drives; and it also supports SD and Micro-SD cards. (Without the keyboard attached, it supports only the Micro-SD card.) Second, I have installed an App from Google Play (formally known as Android Market), which allows me to transfer files directly between the Transformer and my PC over the WiFi network. The App is “Wifi File Transfer Pro” by smarterDroid. It cost me about $3 if I remember correctly. When the App is started it displays a URL on the tablet screen. I enter this URL into the browser on my PC, and I can then explore the tablet’s file system and transfer files in either direction using the PC browser to control the whole thing. There is a free version of the App, but it has a limit on the maximum file size that it can handle, which is why I bought the Pro version after trying out the free one.

As for use by college students, the Transformer with the keyboard dock has a superb battery life, which is quoted at around 15 to 17 hours depending upon just what you are doing. Great for a complete day’s work.

There is a negative to using any tablet for serious work and that is that some of the tools such as word processing and spreadsheets can be a bit limited in what they offer compared with the equivalent Microsoft products. I have found that documents and spreadsheets will transfer from the Asus to Microsoft Office, but do sometimes need some reformatting to get them looking correct after the transfer. Basic text is fine, but the complex formatting does suffer in the transfer.

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Questions About Network Marketing Magazine

Nancy asks…

What exactly is the difference between advertising and marketing?


Advertising and marketing are both general terms, without “exact” meanings.

In general, “marketing” refers to all activity intended to promote or publicize something, usually for the purpose of selling products or services.

“Advertising” usually refers to a “subset” of marketing, where payment is made to a “publisher” (newspaper, magazine, TV station or network) for the publication or display of some kind of advertisement “unit.”

Some folks use these two terms interchangeably. Some people will disagree about “what is marketing” and what is not — for example, some will argue that “public relations” is not part of marketing, while others will define marketing to include PR.

If a company pays for t-shirts with the company logo and gives them to employees at the company picnic, I think it’s “marketing” because the goal is to get the employees to wear the t-shirts which will promote the company; others might argue that it’s just a nice gift or employee benefit and should not be counted as part of “marketing.”

A great example of an area that was once disputed is the sponsorship of college bowl games. Large companies pay hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to be identified as the “sponsor” of a college bowl game. At one time, some companies claimed that these payments were “charitable donations,” but the IRS and US courts rejected this and insisted that these payments are “advertising expenses,” because the primary purpose of the payment was to obtain positive publicity and exposure for the company.

Linda asks…

What are some different types of marketing careers?

And maybe some information on them. Thanks(:


Internet Marketing
TV Ad marketing
Newsprint Marketing (newspapers, magazines and etc.)

Basically anything that can be sold can be marketed. You just have to find the right message for the right person!

I specialize in Network Marketing and capitalize on TV infomercials sales.

I find that TBB is one of the best around.

Check out the attached videos for further details on Team BeachBody.

Coach Scott Black
Reversing The Obesity Trend In America
Decide – Commit – Succeed

Daniel asks…

Do those work from home sites really work?

There are all kinds of things on the market today. I heard of one called autopilot and another called the survey revenue system. I understand google also hires people to do some work for them online. There are a lot out there that sound like scams. With a four year old and a limited education and work background, I’m curious if anyone knows of any, whether or not they work, and how much do you make doing the program?

Thanks in advance.


You can start a virtual assistant business and use these organizations to help you find work

■International Virtual Assistants Association
■Alliance for Virtual Businesses
■International Association of Administrative Professionals
■Virtual Assistant Networking Forum (VANF)
■Virtual Business Group

Another option for you is to be part of a virtual call center, which is one of the growing work at home businesses today

Read this MSNBC’s article on this industry

AOL also published an article about virtual call centers, and named it as one of the best work at home jobs

Some companies where you can apply

Alpine Access = no fees and you will be considered as an employee, not as an independent contractor

LiveOps = considers agents as independent contractors; no upfront fee but requires applicants to pay for the background check

Of course, you can also choose to start your own business from home. It will depend on what you can do, what suits you and what could fit in your resources.

For more companies that will allow you to work from home, check out the source below

Of course, you can also choose to start your own business from home. It will depend on what you can do, what suits you and what could fit in your resources. Some examples

Best Businesses Using Craft or Physical Skills
- antique restoration
- auto detail service
- carpet cleaning business
- errand/delivery service
- housecleaning business

Best Service Businesses
- bed and breakfast operator
- caregiver
- catering service
- senior day care center
- tutoring service

Best Professional Businesses
- desktop publisher
- magazine writer
- import/export service
- income tax preparation service
- event planner

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Questions About Network Marketing

Betty asks…

Would it be smarter to focus on network marketing rather than school?

Network marketing does seem to show a more successful future than what school can provide


To answer simply to your question – SCHOOL , SCHOOL AND ONLY SCHOOL.

School – 99% of people who join school passes and gets a good future. It has more positives and less negatives.

Network Marketing facts – 99% people who have joined Network Marketing have failed. It has more negatives than positives. ( I am not saying Networking is bad. )

Now you tell me which one is the best ?

Helen asks…

How old do you have to be to be in Network Marketing?

I am 17 and want to go into network marketing , but I need to know if it is legal for me to be able to do so. I have looked on the federal trade commisions site and I could not find the info that I was looking for.

If you have the answer to my question email me at

Thank you

Could you get your parent or guardian to sign something so you could do it?


18 to create contracts that are binding unless you have court order of emancipation. Then you might get a way with it.

Steven asks…

Is network marketing considered work?

I am considering to join this network marketing project in the US with an american company that operates worldwide. I am currently studying in the US with a student visa (I’m from Spain). I want to know if registering to the company with my Spanish ID would still be conisdered as if I am woking in the US, Thanks


Network marketing is generally considered a scam. Watch out.

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Questions About Network Marketing Definition

Joseph asks…

What is a good cook book for beginners?

I am 26 years old and know how to cook absolutely nothing…besides beef. (Embarrassing I know). What do you recommend for someone starting out from scratch on the basics of cooking? Thank you for your suggestions!


1. The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook by Amelia Saltsman. If you’re eager to learn how to cook but want to do so with a conscience, turn to this book. It breaks down the etiquette of shopping at a farmers’ market, provides basic cooking tips, and makes eating seasonally a realistic endeavor with tasty recipes that are straightforward enough for the neophyte chef.

2. Starting with Ingredients by Aliza Green. While the strength of The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook is its narrow scope, this book works for the opposite reason. It provides broad yet in-depth information on nearly every produce item you’re likely to come across, then covers all the hows: how to choose, store, and cook with said items.

3. Cooking by James Peterson. Peterson’s years of teaching cooking classes have surely qualified him to write a beginner cookbook, but you’d better be in good shape to lift this hefty digest. Organized in a pragmatic if academic manner, Cooking is a bit dry at times, but it has you covered on essential methods, plus there are about 600 recipes with flavors and ingredients from all over the world.

4. Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, and Ethan Becker. There’s a reason this book has been around for more than seven decades and is usually one of the most dog-eared and tattered tomes in any home cook’s collection. This latest, 75th-anniversary edition restores previously redacted sections that make Joy so indispensable. Must-reads for trainee chefs are the “Cooking Methods” and “Know Your Ingredients” chapters.

5. Cook with Jamie by Jamie Oliver. Oliver has been enticing home chefs with his approachable and cosmopolitan cooking for more than 10 years, and he has always delivered straightforward, classy food. Within his surprisingly deep library, our favorite for newbies is this edition, which covers everything from the simple (how to dress a salad) to the challenging (how to make your own pasta). While some recipes—such as Lovely Lamb Shank Pie—are decidedly English, most are universally delicious.

6. How to Boil Water by Food Network Kitchens. There are some people for whom the kitchen is such foreign territory they don’t know where to start. If that’s you, pick up this book, which features fundamental tips demonstrated through everyday recipes, presented in straightforward language that anyone can appreciate.

7. The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook by the Editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. Because we work in a test kitchen, we can appreciate the diligence and dedication that go into making recipes as perfect as possible. For this reason, we know that the basic recipes in The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook have been extensively road-tested. They’re also backed up with explanations of the whys, hows, and whats—such as why bread knives with a curved edge are better than those with a straight edge, how to judge the heat level of a grill, and what makes pastry flaky.

8. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. Bittman’s experience as a recipe tester and writer of the Minimalist column for the New York Times has made him the perfect candidate to pen a book with this title. Featuring more than 1,500 recipes, loads of definitions, and practical cooking advice covered in nearly 950 pages, it’s certainly deserving of its name, and its many awards.

9. The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion. For most, conquering the kitchen starts with attempts at savory fare and then moves on to more advanced efforts like baking. But though baking is surely more precise work, it can be just as fun and experimental as cooking any main dish. If you don’t believe us, try nearly any recipe from this book; after a few bake-a-thons, you’ll have enough confidence to try your hand at homemade bread.

10. The Joy of Mixology by Gary Regan. The photo of the author, with his Santa Claus–like beard, is reason enough to purchase this book. Seriously, though, when it comes to drinks, this is the title to have on hand. Covering everything from the history of the cocktail to Regan’s philosophy on mixology to recipes for nearly every well-known libation out there, Mixology is a requirement for any aspiring home bartender.

John asks…

Where are all the jobs that were supposed to be created by the Bush Tax cuts?

My guess is in China and India.


Your guess is correct ; but your lack of knowledge on why they are going there is embarrassing ! Your feeble attempt to blame President Bush is a complete failure and brings to light your lack of knowing what the hell is going on….Your damn liberal bias` media is keeping these reports under cover , and we know it`s working or you wouldn`t have to ask a question like you did !!! Ask Obama`s “JOB CZAR” Jeff Immelt ; CEO of GE where the hell the jobs have gone ! Yes , the same GE that paid no taxes for 2 years on $14 billion dollars of profit !!! July 27, 2011
Jobs Czar Sends Jobs to China…..Job Czar Jeff Immelt & President Obama

July 27, 2011. Beijing. Workers are celebrating in the streets and thanking America’s Jobs Czar for moving so many high-paying, high tech jobs to their communities today. The only problem is, they are Chinese workers throughout China. Jeff Immelt is not only President Obama’s Jobs Czar, he is also the CEO of General Electric. In addition to being the parent company of all the NBC family of broadcasting networks, GE is also one of the largest military contractors in the US.

In 2008, GE CEO Jeff Immelt called China the company’s “second home market”. Today, it might appear the Communist country led by a military dictatorship is General Electric’s new ‘first home’.

In an announcement today, GE said it is moving the company’s headquarters in charge of X-Ray technology to China. In an effort to increase sales to the giant Asian nation, and cut costs in the process, the largest manufacturer of imaging machines in the world is closing its US headquarters after 115 years. Until now, GE’s X-ray business was headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

GE’s Waukesha headquarters currently employs 120 people in its X-ray division. While company spokespeople insist job losses in the US as a result of the move will be limited or non-existent, the company hasn’t yet released the number of new jobs it intends to create in Beijing instead of Wisconsin.

The news is coming as a painful slap in the face by the Obama administration. General Electric’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, is President Obama’s Jobs Czar. Mr. Immelt is the one man in the country whose main focus is supposed to be on created jobs here in America. To find out that the man most responsible for developing a strategy to create domestic jobs and put Americans back to work is instead spending his time devising clever and profitable ways to send American jobs to China is nothing short of insulting to the average American worker.

Almost as shocking as the news reports declaring that the US government has been funding the Taliban during both the Bush and Obama administrations, today’s news strikes at the core of America’s economic dysfunction.

For decades, Americans have been living in two separate and unequal worlds. One half bases their self-worth on the daily closing price of the stock market. The other half bases their success on whether or not there’s any money left over from one paycheck to the next. For them, still having a job next year is bonus enough.

President Obama’s Jobs Czar, Jeff Immelt, falls into the first category, unfortunately. His definition of an American product is the same as the US auto industry. To the investor class, corporate America and politicians alike, being ‘American Owned’ is more important than being ‘American Made’. President Obama’s choice of Mr. Immelt as his ‘Jobs Czar’ clearly suggests the President shares the same view.

Beginning in the early 80’s, America’s auto workers began warning us. Well-intentioned patriotic citizens insisted that Americans buy American cars as a show of their patriotism and to help the American economy compete with the newly invited foreign competition. Patriotic Americans were proudly driving Fords, Buicks, Chryslers, Oldsmobiles and Chevys. They boisterously displayed bumper stickers proclaiming, ‘Buy American’. And they tormented and ridiculed anyone who crossed their path driving a foreign car, especially a tiny Japanese brand.

But America’s auto workers had a warning – ‘American owned is not the same as American made’. After a little research on their own autos, many Americans were horrified to discover that their ‘American Made’ car was actually made in a distant foreign country like Brazil and assembled in a near-by country like Mexico. At the same time, Americans found out that ‘Foreign’ cars, like Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas, were actually made right here in the good old USA by American workers with good jobs and good paychecks.

Mark asks…

How much money do you make as a youtube partner?

and how does it work(ie, views, number of videos, etc.)



You could make upto 50-400 USD each day.
But for that I heard somewhere that you need 100K Views and 8K Subscribers..

But I guess you must be needing views and subscribers eh?

Methods to get FREE YouTube Views——–>>>

1-Make a good quality video through a high definition camera, if you do it for professional use.
2-Choose topics to create videos on which are bound to be popular or maybe you could be the first one to start on a new topic.
3-Create a email list and tell all of your contacts to check out your video ( Whether they are your friends and family, or business clients if you do it for business purposes)
4-Try to use content targeted keywords and put as many appropriate tags as you can.
5-Email your friends and family about your videos.
6-Share it with your friends on social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.
7-Post it on digg, stumbleupon.
8-You could put it on your blog, or tell your friends to put it on theirs.
9-Make people aware of your video through online forums likes where there is free review service for everything
10-You could post it on sites where you refer other’s and get free views.
11-Put in eye-catching thumbnails
12-Make the videos short(precise) and up-to the point so that more n more people watch it.
13-Get YouTube friends or do the sub4sub thing (Do it once in a while so that it’s not spam)
14-Place in nice thumbnails ( meaning put in the most thrilling part of your video at the half so that it’s attracting to people.
15-Tell as many people as you can, spread the video as much as you can.

The free methods may be good for fun purposes but not enough when it comes to business,
I don’t only rely on these ways as they would get you some traffic but they won’t be sufficient and won’t make you go viral.
So you could choose some paid methods. Believe me, I have myself tested upon these and completely satisfied when REAL certified people watch my videos.
Those whom I’ll recommend are reliable and offer you money back guarantee. Plus they are the cheapest suppliers in the market and I guess they are people who really control the whole market.
And for YouTube Partnership Program, it’s totally safe as I myself have made money and never got banned, so they must be in accordance of YouTube TOS.


1- The most recommended site of mine would be

At first, I was a bit shaky to use their services. They are champs in this field and can make you go viral in a day(If you take packages like me)


I had to buy youtube views, subscriptions in a quickie and when I searched ‘youtube views’ I ended up on this site. They are by far the most cheapest providers I have came across, who satisfy your youtube needs.

3- My friend searched on how to get youtube views on itself and came up with this site, …
He was just amazed by the results, and they have a good customer support. They really rock man.

4- Get this software from

It’s a program that send people invites, makes youtube views, they have a network of poeple who use their services and watch, like, comment on each other’s videos

To get youtube partnership program, the best way is to buy youtube views from these sites.
As that would just be a step towards your youtube partnership program.
The money you sow will soon reap.

Hope it helps!

If you need to know how to get facebook page likes/fans you could visit my blog @


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Questions About Network Marketing Magazine

Mary asks…

Any suggestions on starting a full-time, home-based website and publication design business?

I already have freelance work, semi part-time. Work full-time at an office doing the same thing. Wish to set my own hours, plan out my own meetings, create my own office system, network with other designers, market my services. Pretty good with marketing as I’ve done a lot in the past. Looking for other suggestions.


I recommend checking out the SBA, Entrepreneur, The Start Up Journal & Nolo. All 4 are great informational resources for the new/small business owner. I posted links for you in the source box.

Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

* How to Really Start Your Own Business, Fourth Edition by David E. Gumpert
* How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan: Step-by-Step Guide by David E. Gumpert
* What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business: Real-Life Start-Up Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs (What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business) by Jan Norman
* Business Start-Up Kit by Steven D. Strauss
* Start Your Own Business (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Start Up) by Rieva Lesonsky

There are plenty of free informational resources out there. Check the source box for links to articles.

Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

Joseph asks…

Where can I find a market analysis of the jewelry business??

I am trying to find a current and CORRECT market analysis of the jewelry business. I am starting an online jewelry store and this information will be part of the business plan, which I am writing myself.

I have tried local college libraries, pubic libraries, and am now trying the Internet but am only finding ads for custom software clamiing to do this for me, which I am not interested in purchasing or using.

Anyone have any advice on where I can get this information? Thank you!


Most of the market analysis for the jewelry business are for sale, and often at a steep price:

Jewelers of America 2006 Cost Of Doing Business Survey (costs $125 for non members)
IBISWorld Jewelry and Silver Manufacturing (costs $595) – but check out this page for some sample data — expensive but really excellent data (I have used them several times for other industries)
First Research Jewelry Retail Industry Profile Excerpt (costs $129 for 10-12 pages of report)

Here are other resources where you can find articles and industry data

National Jeweler Network (check out their industry resources)
Professional Jeweler magazine
American Gem Society
Jewelry and Retail Industry Guide (has links to various sites focusing on this industry)

Charles asks…

Does anyone know the best way to advertise a website without being annoying?

I have a idea that i’ve planned out for the past year and i’m in the process of trying to find me a Computer Programmer to put it together. When it’s done, i want to be able to market it in a civil way without throwing it on people like alot of people do.


Congratulations! Since you already know what to do & not like many others who just buy a domain with some space & at the end start SPAMMING!
Well Id suggest you to learn Website Programming, since the programmer you hire won’t be available all the time.. Trust me it happens *_-

Now the advertising part. If at all you have something to invest, then a local newspaper or a general magazine will help you gain attention & hence traffic.. If the idea/content of your website is interesting & decent enough, then contact Magazine editors/ Website heads already well settled to help you put up a Press Release which will make you more confident & hence Attention..

Note: This can happen only if your website is Professional enough for the magazine/website to give you its space..

Now, if you have little or nothing more after paying the programmer, all you can do is Social Networking & save money for a newspaper or college magazine Ad & have patience..
Advertisement by word of mouth & basics like Blogging & Google Ads(ads places decently on the website) can earn you nice traffic, update your FB/Orkut account !

P.S.- You sound more of a creative mind than a commercial man.. Still give your idea a kick & stay same but in a different way ^_^

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Questions About Network Marketing Quotes

Steven asks…

What arguements do people have against the use of GM Crops?

Just to clarify personally I am a great advocate of Genetically Modified crops but I’m very curious about the wider publi opinion. Do you support them? If not why not? What dangers do you foresee?


It’s largely unnecessary, just a good business model for western companies to make lots of money at the expense of farmers around the world duped or bullied into buying the rubbish (they are starting to rebel) which devastates their traditional farming methods and leaves them bankrupt.

The wierdest thing I heard is that most of the improvements are done by traditional breeding methods, the GM bit is just for patenting purposes.

Dangers? Mainly lack of biodiversity, both by usual large scale farming depleting the range of varieties in use and cross polination from GM to non GM. This lack of diversity will cause problems when there aren’t the resources to produce the chemicals that GM and large scale farming is dependant on (peak oil, it has to happen sometime).

Below is cut and copied from a post on facebook.

Today’s must-read for anyone serious about issues around global food networks, is to be found at



(On Saturday morning the links are behaving less well – what have I done!)

The report is superbly referenced, but still uses the words “nonsense”, “absurd” and “ridiculous” with gusto throughout.

The 70/30 claim is one of my favourite things (when telling people about the Nyelini declaration of Food Soverieignity or the Uk Food Group

Choice quotes:

“The Industrial Food Chain
Ninety-six percent of all recorded food and agricultural
research takes place in industrialized countries and 80% of that research is on food processing and retailing. Over the last half-century, the industrial food chain has consolidated so that each link in the chain – from seed to soup – is
dominated by a handful of multinationals working with an ever-narrower commodity list that has left half of humanity either dangerously malnourished or overweight.

The industrial food chain focuses on far fewer than 100 breeds of five livestock species. Corporate plant breeders work with 150 crops but focus on barely a dozen. Of the 80,000 commercial plant varieties in the market today, well over half are ornamentals…

In the face of climate chaos, the industrial chain is imposing a patent regime that prizes uniformity over diversity and enforces a technological model that costs more – and takes more time – to breed one genetically-engineered variety than it does to breed hundreds of conventional varieties. The industrial food chain doesn’t know who the hungry are, where they are, or what they need.”

“The Peasant Food Web

Eighty-five percent of the world’s food is grown and
consumed – if not within the “100 mile diet” – within national
borders and/or the same eco-regional zone. Most of this food is grown from peasant-bred seed without the industrial chain’s synthetic fertilizers. Peasants breed and nurture 40 livestock species and almost 8000 breeds. Peasants also breed 5000 domesticated crops and have donated more than 1.9 million plant varieties to the world’s gene banks. Peasant fishers harvest and protect more than 15,000
freshwater species. The work of peasants and pastoralists maintaining soil fertility is 18 times more valuable than the synthetic fertilizers provided by the seven largest corporations.

Peasants have not consolidated – but they have organized. There are 1.5 billion on 380 million farms; 800 million more growing urban gardens; 410 million gathering the hidden harvest of our forests and savannas; 190 million pastoralists and well over 100 million peasant fishers. At least 370 million of these are also indigenous peoples. Together these peasants make up almost half the world’s peoples and they grow at least 70% of the world’s food. Better than anyone else, they feed the hungry. If we are to eat in 2050 we will need all of them and all of their diversity.”

On page 5, a nice linguistic point:

“The language around us is changing all the time. Historically, we were peasants. Then when that term came to
mean ‘backward’ we became ‘farmers.’ In these days ‘farmer’ has the connotation of inefficiency and we are strongly encouraged to be more modern, to see ourselves as managers, business people or entrepreneurs capable of
handling increasingly larger pieces of territory. Well, I am a farmer and I am a peasant. I learned that I had much more in common with peasants than I did with some of my agribusiness neighbours. I am reclaiming the term
peasant because I believe that small is more efficient, it is socially intelligent, it is community oriented. Being a
peasant stands for the kind of agriculture and rural communities we are striving to build.” – Karen Pedersen, past-president, National Farmers Union (Canada)

Mandy asks…

Why do some people still insist that health care is a RIGHT?

Can anyone find where in the Bill of Rights the place in which it states that the government has the right to steal money from me to provide health care for someone else?
“never said that African-Americans or women ”

I don’t recall either of those things calling for stealing from one person to give to another.

That’s socialism.


You are correct that health care is NOT a right. I would say in defense of those so desperate that they’re looking for an unconstitutional “solution” (UHC) to a serious problem that IF the government would do its job, we would not be in this mess.
The government meddles and costs us big money.
They REFUSE to enforce contract law so big insurers routinely deny legit claims.
They REFUSE to enforce antitrust law so there is market manipulation that is very expensive.
Unlike other “industries” they refuse to require price transparency.
So the government has offered SPECIAL TREATMENT for health insurers and allowed very bad things to happen that they DO have jurisdiction over. You have to ask yourself WHY.

When 75% of the people who declare bankruptcy over medical bills ARE INSURED, then insurance is CLEARLY not the answer.
“Aldrich’s situation is “asinine” but increasingly common, said Dr. Deborah Thorne of Ohio University. Thorne, co-author of a widely quoted 2005 study that found medical bills contributed to nearly half of the 1.5 million personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. Each year, said that ratio has likely worsened since the data was gathered.

Like Aldrich, Thorne said, three-quarters of the individuals in the study who declared bankruptcy because of health problems were insured. ”

Linda Peeno, MD testified that SHE had often denied treatment JUST to save the insurance company money

“the vast majority of health insurance policies are through for-profit stock companies. They are in the process of “shedding lives” as some term it when “undesirable” customers are lost through various means, including raising premiums and co-pays and decreasing benefits (Britt, “Health insurers getting bigger cut of medical dollars,” 15 October 2004, That same Investors Business Daily article from 2004 noted the example of Anthem, another insurance company. They said the top five executives (not just the CEO) received an average of an 817 percent increase in compensation between 2000 and 2003. The CEO, for example, had his compensation go from $2.5 million to $25 million during that time period. About $21 million of that was in stock payouts, the article noted.

A 2006 article, “U.S. Health Insurance: More Market Domination, More CEO Compensation”
( notes that in 56 percent of 294 metropolitan areas one insurer “controls more than half the business in health maintenance organization and preferred provider networks underwriting.” In addition to having the most enrollees, they also are the biggest purchasers of health care and set the price and coverage terms. “’The results is double-digit premium increases from 2001 and 2004—peaking with a 13.9 percent jump in 2003—soaring well above inflation and wages increases.’” Where is all that money going? The article quotes a Wall Street Journal article looking at the compensation of the CEO of UnitedHealth Group. His salary and bonus is $8 million annually. He has benefits such as the use of a private jet. He has stock-option fortunes worth $1.6 billion.”
–Save America, Save the World by Cassandra Nathan pp. 127-128

“Insurance Companies Robbing Patients
Robbing patients to pay CEOs leads to unprecedented medical insurance corporation greed.
Thursday, January 3, 2008 8:52 AM
By: Michael Arnold Glueck & Robert J. Cihak, The Medicine Men”

Anyone who cares can find an actual solution to our problems that recognizes that BAD decisions have been made and government healthcare EXISTS. We COULD reform it (and the author says transition to private sector totally) and also resolved any legit uninsured issues at the same time–would NOT force insurance on anyone, nor require empoyers to pay for it, nor increase our taxes.
That means preventative care (physical with follow up). Real medication (no Medicare “donut holes” the really ill are ripped off again.) No bogus ridiculously low “caps” on needed medical procedures. No abuse of the ER. No paying for the silly with the sniffles to go to the doc for free. No more bankruptcies over medical bills. I want THIS plan that ends abuse of the taxpayer, takes the burden off employers, provides price transparency, and ends the rip-off of the US taxpayer at the hands of greedy insurance CEOs (which has been repeatedly documented).


Read the PDF, not the blurb, for the bulk of the plan. Book is searchable on
Cassandra Nathan’s Save America, Save the World

Lizzie asks…

What do I need to know for trading stocks?

I want to start trading stocks to make money for college. What are some essential things to know about stocks?



Stock trading is all guessing. There are no sure-fire bets, especially in today’s market. I started trading for real in Oct. 2008 with $500.

Make sure you research the company BEFORE you invest, and do weekly checkups to see if anything major has happened or changed in the company.

My advice is that, before you play with real money, practice with virtual money. Go to and set up a free account. This is how I got used to investing and learned a lot. This is the only risk free type of investing, the type that isn’t real. Play around and experiment for a few months before you risk your hard earned money.

Also, listen to CNBC or other business network. They provide you all the relevant news about the market.

On stocks, do a few Google searches to learn about support, resistance, Beta, outstanding shares, authorized shares, forward and reverse splits, dividends, P/E ratio, as well as ETFs, commodities and their effect on stocks, and how to read company financial summaries. is a good resource for smaller companies. Your online investment broker website will provide you with quotes, company news, and company information for larger companies.

Create an account in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance and read the message boards about your stock to get an investor sentiment.

Check out for free technical analysis of stocks.

The biggest thing about stocks is that they are unpredictable. Good companies have bad stocks and vice versa. Never act on the recommendation of a website (especially those free stock picks sites), analyst, or friend without doing your due diligence (DD).

You will lose money, make no mistake. Don’t be afraid to sell at a loss.

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Jenny asks…

I am with Verizon and looking for a new phone. Any suggestions?

I need a new phone and I am with the verizon network. I am currently looking at the Samsung Omnia II, Droid Eris by HTC, Imagio by HTC, and the HTC touch pro 2. Any suggestions? I am looking for a phone that is user friendly with a good amount of apps and memory.


What you’ve listed, I would definitely go with the Droid Eris – HOWEVER – :

It looks like what is probably going to be the “Verizon/CDMA version” of the Nexus One from Google has JUST passed FCC testing yesterday – Meaning it will probably be hitting Verizon sometime in the next few weeks…. Usually the time between a phone passing FCC approval and actually being released in no more than a month, sometimes as soon as a week.

I’m assuming the Droid was too “chunky” for your tastes… It was for my daughter too, she went with the Eris even though I would have gotten her the Droid like myself if she had wanted it… It’s nice to have choices :)

Anyway, the CPU in the Moto Droid is *definitely* better, and makes the whole phone much smoother than the Eris, and the Nexus One is even a step up from the Moto Droid, and yet is a package that is going to be more Eris-Like (Although a little larger, because the display is larger than the Eris, with much higher resolution, super-bright AMOLED screen, etc.)

Android has WAY more apps in the Market than the other phones listed, and unlike windows mobile on the TP2, 2/3 of them are free, not to mention Android is gaining popularity FAST, about 4000 new apps each month.

Given the choice you presented above, I’d go with the Eris… If I had to have a phone *today* I’d go with the Motorola Droid agian… If I could wait a few weeks to get a phone, I’d definitely wait to see the Nexus One when it comes to Verizon shortly.

James asks…

what is the real difference between winxp home and pro?

can someone specify the exact difference between winxp pro and home and what are the advantages?
Also on service pack 2 why did they get rid of the windows xp pro or home designation when you boot?


The Microsoft site will give you the benefits (marketing fluff) of one vs another instead of the true difference, but bottom line here is the difference:

For MOST (99%) of the typical home user (surf, email, productivity), there will be ZERO difference. For the 1% and business who want more networking and security OPTIONS, the pro is for them.

What do I mean networking and security options?

Networking: The ability to join a corporate domain (named) to use their resources and active directory services.

Security: The ability to have FULL control of all POLICY options instead of using Microsofts inflexible defaults that will work in MOST cases.

Regarding applications, you can freely load on either without compromise. Whats good for one is good for the other…unless the application needs the domain services from above.

EDIT: Dont know why the common welcome screen changed.

John asks…

Please tell me the pros and cons about living in Seattle, Washington?

I’m planning on going to college there in the future and we might move there next year. We’re going to visit first of course!


The pacific north west has 2 major things, rain and democratic voters (both good in my view personally)

The city is really laid back and I think the people are more chilled than in the west and east coast and it is said to be a larger version of Portland, OR. They have a great live music scene and of course the pikes place market, theres alot to do out of the city in hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities. Its also just over an hour on the clipper ferry from Victoria, Canada which is always good for a weekend away.

Seattle is also home the two power houses Boeing and Microsoft, they employee alot of people which is good for the employment economy of the state. Theres a rail network connecting Seattle with Canada, Oregon , California and the mid-west, Alaska Airlines is also based in Seattle which means air fares in and out of Seattle are cheap.

Dont forget your umbrella.


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Questions About Network Marketing Companies

Sandra asks…

The top 25 network marketing companies?

The top 25 network marketing companies? You can write a list, and you can write what company is the best at the moment and with whom you can start a business for many years!!!


I don’t have the top 25 but I work with one named VEMMA and they are AWESOME! I work with a bunch of good people. Also, they are only 8 years old and they have a lot of room to grow. They produce Health Drinks and the CEO has a big heart.

I want to talk to you more if you are interested in getting into one, Vemma is the way to go!

My email is and my website is

Send me an email and I would love to chat! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful day!

Donald asks…

Which is the best E-Commerce or network marketting company?

I don’t have much money to invest for a business. So how i can start network marketing with a nominal investment? What are the minimum requirement ? What are the risk factors on that? Minimum how much $ required to start a bussiness?


There are many good network marketing companies with great compensation plans. All will claim to be the best, yet the best one is the one that suits your interests. One may good for you and not good for another or vise versa. The key to success is enjoying what you do and building upon that. I am involved in the network marketing industry. I enjoy it. I enjoy being a solution to problems. That is where I choose to position myself. I also position my self in the health and wellness aspect. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to improve their health. There are many who do not have good things to say about the network marketing industry. This is because of the statistics of failure and those who are out there hassling friends and family to join there bizz opp. If you don’t find interest in what you do, how can you succeed? You also need to learn about your target market. I am not talking about warm market. Target marketing is positioning yourself in front of those looking for what you have to offer. I have been involved with programs that help you to know more about being a successful marketer. I suggest that you educate yourself as much as possible before going in blind. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I hope that this helps.

Jenny asks…

My sister and I are going to start working with a network marketing company…which one?

We would like one that is fun. We don’t want something that is strictly online. So please don’t give us information on those types of companies. Which is the best out of say Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, Beauty Control, Pampered Chef, and any other similar one? Thanks so much!


I have to say that Arbonne is the best. Their compensation plan is amazing. We are one of the only network marketing companies that actually publish our plan. Check out www. and learn a lot more. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. It only costs $29 to start your own business. No minimum to buy and no minimum to sale. It is what you make it out to be. I would be happy to send you and sister more information. I have been in the business since March and I am an Executive District Manager. It’s not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Let me know if I can help.


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Ken asks…

What must I do to become an actress?

What goals should I have, where should i live in California, pros and cons, etc?


There’s no one way to become an actress. You need talent, training, experience, and good understanding of the industry, commitment, perseverance, and a little luck. SOME of what you’ll need for a professional acting career:

* Talent.

* An understanding that you’re probably NOT going to be “discovered”. That’s just not how the industry works. Professional acting is a business. It’s like starting a company and you are the product you have to sell. It involves marketing, networking and other things. And you had better have a good product to sell. It will take years of training and experience and a lot of dedication and hard work.

* Acting training. Voice lessons and dance lessons can be helpful too. Attending a well-respected acting school/program can be helpful.

* Experience. Audition for what you can.

* Marketing Materials: Professional head shot, acting resume, and an acting reel (video of your on-screen work if you’re interested in film/tv) some actors even maintain a website and a presence on social websites.

* A licensed talent agent. Good roles are cast through talent agents – not open audition or websites. You get an agent by convincing one that you have the talent, training, experience and commitment to book professional jobs. Agents are paid on commission (never pay an agent up front). Since they’re paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients.

* Several well-developed monologues for auditions. Read plays and scripts – all kinds – and keep an eye for characters and monologues you want to develop.

* Great auditioning skills. Talent agents get you auditions – it’s up to you to book the job.

* To be a member of an actor’s union (SAG-AFTRA for screens or AEA for stage) or at least an understanding of how unions work.

* An understanding of the business end of acting. You’re going to have to research to understand the casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don’t do), industry contracts, and other things. So read the industry trades. Check out industry websites. Read books about managing an acting career.

* A good network of connections in the industry. Classes can be a good way to start networking. Volunteer if you can, keep connected with talented people you’ve worked.

* A strong foundation and healthy ways to cope with the stress of trying to work professionally. You need to be able to handle rejection, competition and instability. You’ll be rejected far more than you’ll be accepted. There’s a lot of judgment during audition including your looks, you need to be comfortable with yourself and your looks and not get obsessed with your appearance. Professional acting is EXTREMELY competitive. There just isn’t enough work for everyone.

* A way to support yourself. Every acting job you get is temporary, so you always have to be concerned about when/if you’ll get another job. Most professional actors don’t support themselves by acting alone.

Good luck.

Donald asks…

How should you travel around the world?

I want to travel the world after i finish uni. but how do you go about doing it? Ok, that might sound stupid. But i mean… do u just go. Or do you plan ahead. How do you sort out where u stay etc.
Obviously i would go with someone. But its like where do u start!
has anyone ever travelled if so what are the pros and cons. Thanks )


It’s good to do your research before you start. This way, you can prepare your travels better and learn about cultural differences and other challenges before spending time and money in one place just because you didn’t know that a visa needed to be obtained before you reached the border.

My brother travels around the world for 20+ years and I planned a few trips myself (only got to do short ones), so here are some bits and pieces:

Start with a list of places that you always wanted to visit. Randomly, places you read about in the past, pictures you’ve seen in a magazin, places that friends mentioned. Write them down and get yourself a world map. Mark each place and connect the dots (drawing a tentative travel route in a logical order).

I would not book more ahead than your first flight out and the first few days of hostel/accomondation in your first destination. I found that around-the-world tickets are not cheaper than buying them individually. Many places (Bangkok for Thailand, Kathmandu for Nepal…) have hubs that are full of low-cost travel agencies and the flexibility is a lot greater if you decide to stay longer in a place you like or leave sooner a place that sucks. You also can change and modify your itinerary based on travelers feedback along the route and people you meet. Sometimes you might tag along with others and somethimes people will join you. Check out:

Networking is super important. Be open minded. Talk to people in the hostel. Hang out in the community room and pick other travellers brain about places to go and places to avoid. There are a lot of crooks out there. From the first taxi you take at the aiport (which will charge you 4x as much as you will pay after smartening up a few weeks later on your return) to bogus sales people and unreliable travel guides. Every place has their own challenges.

Educate yourself about your destinations. Learn a few basic phrases such as greatings and counting to 10 (you’ll need it at the local markets).

Prepare your gear: Pack little but enough for all adventures. Choose each piece to be good for multiple purposes (wrinkle free shirts let you sit in a bus as well as in a nice restaurant; quick dry shirts can be washed in a sink and dry over a bench (watch puplic laundry lines as even fellow travelers steal and some stuff is hard to replace abroad). Much stuff can be bought abroad, but if you have a special need (e.g. Particular contact lens solution), bring it with you or have a friend ship it or bring it to you on the next visit.

If you need to receive mail/packages at any place: Most countries let you receive mail in their main post offices. E.g.: John Doe, Poste Restante, Bejing, China. Go to the main post office in Bejing every few days and ask for the mail for letter “D”. Dig through the pile and find your envelope.

Broadcast your plans to friends: Finding one travel partner for the entire duration will be difficult (and you might be stuck with somebody that you don’t get along with after an 8 hour bus ride through Cambodia). Travelling alone forces you to interact with locals and keeps your mind open. With two people you are already a “group” where others don’t get close to. My best experiences were always when I was alone as I met a ton of interesting people along the way. Invite your friends to join you for part of the trip. Give them a tentatively itinerary and stay in touch with them. My brother met me each year somewere else: One summer in Kairo, another in Johannesburg to tour Africa and climb Mt. Kenia with me, one trip to the Phillipines to learn diving… And I never had more than 5 weeks off from work. Keep an online travel blog (Your friends will love it and it will be a great diary for later in life)

Plan for theft and loss: Research the best ways to keep you valuables safe; know how to replace them at any time; send yourself copies of passport etc. To your e-mail that you can access everywhere. Don’t forget your camera, but copy your pics onto CD or download them to web sources as backup in case you loose the camera or chip.

Read up: One of my favority travel guides is the Lonely Planet book series (and their web site: which will tell you all and more about each corner of this planet and most importantly how to get there and away.

Look for climate/weather in your itinerary: Make sure the time of the year you are planning to visit a certain area/country is during decent weather. Some places are inaccessible in winter. If you like crowds, choose the high season but if you like to save money, find accomondation easily, and meet locals, go off the beaten path and travel before or after the main holiday season.

Make a budget: My brother starts with a basic calculation of $20/day for food, accomodation, transportation (that might not include international airline tickets and tons of travel memobilia). Multiply that for the days you are planning to tra

Laura asks…

What is the best (non-Wii) game console on the market?

I am planning to get a game console soon but I am not sure what to get. The price matters, but the prices of the games are more important. Also, which one do you think is just overall better. (Wii is not in consideration)


Well depending on your tastes either Xbox 360 Or PS3
Let Me Give You some Pros and Cons of the Two

Xbox 360

-Good Games
-Xbox Live
-Cheaper Console

-A lot of technical Problems
-Must pay every month for Xbox Live


-Playstation Network
-Free Online
-Better Exclusives
-Blu-Ray Player

-Its the most expensive console

Good Games

Xbox 360

-Gears of War


-Little Big Planet
-Ratchet and Clank

I reccomend the PS3 to be honest

You get free online, Better Graphics, Blu-Ray, Its just a lot better.

Also here are the prices for the two

Xbox 360

Arcade ($199) P.S. Arcade has no hardrive
Elite ($299) Has a 120 GB hardrive


120GB ($299)
250GB ($349)


PS3 and Xbox 360

New Game ($59.99)
Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits ($29.99)

I reccomend the PS3 but overall it just comes down to the person.

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