Questions About Multi Level Marketing Businesses

Mandy asks…

How do I get my website to come up in a google and yahoo search?

I have a small business and I just got a website but I can’t figure out how to get it to come up on search engine searches.

Any help would be great!


Best of luck to you!! I am a small business owner as well. And very proud to be a non-multi-level-marketing company.

Google uses a spider named Googlebot in order to index all the websites it finds into the database.

You can go to or and create your account and make a new topic and place your link in there. Googlebot continuously crawls those mlb teams’ websites.

However, make sure you are not advertising your website in there.

What you can do is, “hello everyone, I am a web designer and I just finished building a website. How can I improve my website?” (sounds like you are just asking for their opinion, rather than advertising the website) If you advertise things on mlb forums, the moderators will delete the posts.

And remember to put this line on all your webpages

this line allows googlebot to crawl your websites.

Chris asks…

Why don’t unemployed people without money just start a business? Bill Gates did it?

I don’t get these people. If you lose your job or you lose your house due to a medical crisis, why don’t you just start your own business? Plenty of great Americans did just that! What’s stopping you? Look at Bill Gates! Do what he did? Are you just plain lazy?


It’s not like the old days when you could just set up shop along the side of the road and start a business. These days (remember Bill Gates started Microsoft back in the mid 70′s) it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to start the average business; but that also a reason why multi-level marketing companies like Amway continue to exist even though very few people make money with them. They sell the idea of being a business owner and only having to come up with a few hundred dollars as opposed to a few hundred thousand to get started.

Susan asks…

Can you explain why Multi level marketing is so offensive?

and why working a job till no end and only to retire broke or near broke is socially acceptiable?
Jobs screw people every day. Ya know any company can be legit or a scam. As a business model why is mlm so offensive. there are honest businesses that utilize mlm and you have a shot at financial freedom. At a job you only have a shot at a paycheck.
Also, something interesting. If a young person wants to retire they will need over a millian dollars saved and invested to draw from in retirement to even maintain the life style they have now. How is a job supposed to even get you near that goal?


I am both an evangelical christian, and a distributor in a MLM business. Both CAN be offensive to people for the same reason. Both are supposed to be OFFERED to people, not forced upon them.

In the Bible, there’s a parable found in Matthew 13 that all Christians and distributors in MLM companies need to read, learn and practice. It’s the parable of the sower and the seed. The seed is good. Not everyone wants it. It is not within my power to make them want it. In Christianity, only the holy spirit can convict a person and cause them to be ready to receive Christ – when we accept that, we do not push Christianity on anyone, but offer it to everyone.

In MLM (or Network Marketing) we need to realize that as far as recruiting is concerned, we are in the sifting business, not the convincing business. We offer the opportunity to all, but not all are in the right life situation to either recognize it, or want it. We simply need to leave these people with knowing that the door is always open for them if their situation changes. Besides, the people who get “convinced” to join do not succeed, and so neither will the one who sponsors by that manner. For a high retention rate, only sponsor people who are ready to start a business.

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