Questions About Multi Level Marketing Definition

Mary asks…

Has anyone ever succeeded in combining televangelism and multi level marketing into one organization?

I’d imagine that combing a Ponzi scheme with religion would be quite successful. Are there any examples of this that actually do exist?


Religion itself is a Ponzi scheme. You’re being asked to pay in, and pay in, and pay in, for “rewards” that are promised but don’t really exist at all. That’s the exact definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Thomas asks…

What exactly is network marketing? Plz don’t give the wikipedia definition…?

What exactly is network or multi level marketing? Please don’t give me the wikipedia definition ’cause i can’t make anything out of it..


Well man,

I have a lot of experience in network marketing so the simplest way for me to explain it (other than what the other guy posted above me) is that it’s a way for you to leverage your efforts off of other people.

Basically a company is selling a product or service, and you go out and sell that product or service to friends and family and you receive a monthly residual commission for selling the product as long as the customer doesn’t cancel.

The second part is recruiting. You go out and recruit people that you know who want to make extra money like you do. Now normally in the beginning you don’t do the recruiting all yourself, you just ask people if they want to make extra money and that they NEED to take a look at what you’re doing…then you introduce them to your upline (the person who got you in or is leading your area) and they tell them about the opportunity. For every recruit you personally bring in you usually get a bonus for, and when they go out to get their customers, you will receive a percentage off of all of the work they do for life since you are their sponsor. Some people call it a scam, but honestly it’s not, it just takes a lot of strength and determination to succeed. There is no quick easy path to success in any field, but Network Marketing, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful entrepreneurial systems in the world to create your own business and financial independence.

Carol asks…

What is the best way to market a painting and decorating business?


Lots of possibilities, but because that market is usually a pretty competitive one, some ideas:

Some of this would would depend on personal work preferences and goals. Rather work on a more personal, highly creative level with individual home owners or renters, or like the idea of a more commercial enterprise that might be less creative, but provide steady and consistent cash flow?

Use any real estate sources that you may know – examples would include agents, brokers, and management groups or contractors. Then, tailor your advertising and sales pitch to their interests and needs. For commercial work, they need flexibility, quick response time, consistency, and reliability as well as quality and cost efficiency.

Examples: Can you respond on short notice? Be able to meet deadlines on a multi-unit residence within time guidelines? Have you any references that you can provide that could verify that you turned out great work, ahead of, or by project deadline, at a reasonable cost?

Would you be willing to complete work at odd hours or weekends to accommodate their preferences and avoid bumping into the electricians trying to finish up their stuff? Could you put together a portfolio brochure of “sensible, deluxe, luxury” standard designs/colors that would meet typical needs while saving them time on decision making, but include a custom option for those who want more choices and are willing to pay?

For individual homeowners or renters, think more along the lines of personalized service and creativity. Again, narrow down your field of interest…would you rather work on high end homes with customers who can afford highly individualized, one of a kind choices, but may be extremely demanding and time consuming? Or do you prefer dealing with average to maybe upper middle class home owners who want something unique, but somewhat reasonable?

What can you give them, or help them come up with that will define their personal space, but meet their budgets? What kind of time and energy are you interested in investing on a personal level? Do you prefer practical, clean, classic, timeless design? Or, are you a darkly passionate exotic type designer whose ideas might scare Joe in the corner office, but thrill the musician who lives next door?

Maybe come up with a “Let me help you find your design type profile” – which you could have printed into flyers, mail inserts, hand outs, or stick in a website…
Then have 3 or 4 basic “types” with definitions as response.
This would allow you to gain info about potential customers, what they’re seeking and likely to spend money to do, their budget, and time plans, as well as color preferences, lifestyle, etc.
You can offer a consultation to get more specific…

Some pretty basic ideas would be to put your name and service where good potential customers are likely to be found…think moving companies, community chamber of commerce, local welcome group materials – what can you do for them that would enable you to get your flyer or brochure included in their hand outs/mail outs?

Could you offer a demonstration for free or low cost at a local recreation center, or “do it yourself workshop” at a supply store in exchange for being allowed to hand out marketing materials?

Hopefully something here will get your creativity going!:)
Good luck.

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