Questions About Network Marketing Pro

Sharon asks…

What is your favorite method of marketing?

I am curious how many of you are getting your leads or what you consider your most successful form of affiliate or network marketing.

In my case, I use Facebook and Twitter mainly, would love to hear what has been working for most of you!


I use My Networking pro its an awesome site for marketing and networking with people all over the world, you can create a profile for free and post ads, meet people looking for opportunities your may have to offer, or vice versa you win awards for best profile, and you make a monthly income at the same time so it really a good site check it out

Sandra asks…

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing?

Could anyone kindly explain what the difference is between “network marketing” and “affiliate marketing“.
Thanks in advance.


Basically, network marketing is a kind of multi level marketing whereas network marketing, is done through commission based sales, there are not a lot of levels involved (unlike the MLM of network marketing). Both have their own pros and cons. You could check out the sources i used to find out more information.

Ken asks…

How can I make a url for my banner?

I am in a network marketing company and they gave me some banners to use. I have this free website and I want to add a banner from my network marketing company so when someone clicks on the banner it takes them to my network marketing company and I get credit. How do I do that? Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.


Jasic Panit shop pro with animation shop. Works great

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