Questions About Lines And Downlines

Mandy asks…

Can networking business sustain a family’s income needs?

does this business have a long term plan to provide for future plans.


Yes, the potential is there, but beware; the road to network marketing riches is well-watered with the blood, sweat, and tears of those who had high hopes but in the end are left with only shattered dreams (and often leaner wallets than when they started).

Choose your company carefully. What is their track record as a company? Is it run by reputable people? How about leadership, both in the company itself and in your upline – do they really care about your success or just about making a buck for themselves? Does the product line have broad appeal and is it reasonably priced at retail as well as distributor cost? Is the product something people really need or just a “nice to have?” Is it consumerable – will your customers need to keep buying over and over again? In addition to recurring (retail sales) income, you need residual income – ongoing overrides on productivity of your downline. Is the compensation plan generous enough that even your less-successful recruits will have incentive to stay in and keep working the business? (if all your downline drops away, so does your residual income).

Do your homework, plan your work and work your plan. Don’t quit your day job until your income streams are well established, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Sandra asks…

Where/What Is The Best Way To Advertise?

I would like to know where the best places to advertise on the web are. I would like free advertising too :) Has anyone had any real success? Don’t just reply to get me in your “downline” I have a REAL question and would like REAL answers! Thanks in advance everyone :)


There’s many ways to advertise for free:

Write articles on subjects to do with your web site or business, linking to your site in the tag line. The search engines love the article directories and the big ones like have high page ranks. Google “article directories” for a good list.

Viral videos. Make videos about yourself and your business. Help people without asking for anything. Sneak in a nice business plug every once in a while. and are two big players.

Frequent forums that have to do with the subject of your business. Help and be helped. Add your web site links to your signature.

Start a blog. The search engines love the viral content and, often times, your blog will rank higher than your web site.

Set up accounts at,, and other social sites.

Submit stories to

Answer questions right here! ;)

Have business cards and post cards made at It’s cheap and is a great way to get the word out, offline.

There’s a few good ones to get you going.

Never give up is the best advice I can give. Work, fail, learn from it and move ahead. That’s true success! ;)

Lizzie asks…

whats a home business my wife and i can start while we look after our newborn son?


It’s really up to you. What do the both of “you” like to do?

Do either of you have a hobby that can be turned into an income, for instance, woodworking, scrapbooking, computer repair, word processing, computer graphics, etc.

Next figure out if there is an interest locally for what you do or if you would be better off offering it online.

Locally you could go to swap meets and the like to see what people are buying and not buying. Services are sometimes offered at these places and you can check into those too.

Plug an interest of yours into a search engine and see what kinds of communities exist and what sort of sites are supplying services or products to these communities.

Figure out how much time and effort would go into supplying a service or product to people in an area of interest that you have. How much extra money will it take to actually get something done that you can get paid for?

I hate to run you through all of that but I’ll tell you that after years of my husband trying this and that MLM from nutrition products to phone cards, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t have to do any work at those.

It takes A LOT of time and/or effort to make “diamond” and anyone who tells you different is lying to get you in their downline and buying products to pump “their” bottom line.

If you do choose MLM despite this, please, please, please choose a product based on what you could willing sell your mother or grandmother – seriously. You have to at least feel good about selling it to get anywhere. Better if you actually use it and LIKE it.

I hope you find something that you like to do and that earns a good income.

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